Sister Love Baby Boy Shower by Ashley Graham Events

November 27, 2017
We are BEYOND excited to introduce the “pilot post” of our new Inspiration category. We know motherhood can sometimes pretty much always be downright…humbling, to say the least. That’s why it’s fun to “glam it up” from time to time and make your life with your kids feel extra-special. Whether we’re showcasing photos from an awesome local baby shower, giving you a peek inside an amazing local kid’s room, or providing a tutorial for a special craft with your kids, we hope these posts provide creative inspiration for Momvillage readers across the INW.

Ladies, this baby shower is every pregnant woman’s dream. Why, you ask? I have two words for you: DONUT WALL. Yes, you read that right. Ashley from Ashley Graham Events worked tirelessly on this beautiful shower for two deserving moms to be, and in that tireless work, she had the brilliant idea to make her own wall of donuts. Normally, I love donuts as much as any other living, breathing human, but when I was pregnant with my daughter, I think the ladies in the Yoke’s Fresh Market bakery probably knew my chubby cheeks and swollen ankles from several aisles away. Not exaggerating. #shameless
It took me a while to get past my initial excitement over the donut wall, but once I did, I was blown away by all of the gorgeous and thoughtful details. Even though this party was thrown in the honor of two baby boys, the sister love at this party is undeniable. Ashley planned this party for two sisters, and it’s pretty obvious she loves her best friend like a sister too! If you’re like me, it seems like every time you turn around, one of your friends is having a baby. Whether you use Ashley’s ideas as Pinterest-style-craft-explosion-inspiration or decide to leave it to a pro and hire her as your event planner, I think you’re bound to love these gorgeous photos by Park Road PhotographyPlanning your own shower? Ashley has some pro tips to share with you to make this shower one for the books.

From Ashley:
I had the opportunity to throw my best friend and her sister a baby shower for their two baby boys, Samuel and Bennett, both due on the same day. Anyone who has thrown a baby shower knows that it takes a lot of work, planning, setup, cleanup and a lot of love for mommy and baby. Being a party planner, I enjoyed every second and couldn’t wait to spoil these ladies as they deserved a special day all about them and their two unborn boys. While I didn’t know it at the time, I was going to be honored with becoming Samuel’s god mom. Looking back, it makes this day even more special. Not having any children of my own, I am one proud god mom; I love to spoil him rotten, and I can’t wait until I get to throw him a birthday party! (Ashley: you better believe we’re already dying to see pictures of this future birthday party!)
Like I said, there are many steps to planning a successful baby shower. Here are my go-to steps in the order that I use when executing a baby shower:
Step 1: Invitation is key
An invitation sets the tone for any event you host. It informs your guests of the type of shower you are hosting. For example, a Facebook invite indicates it is a casual affair, whereas a mailed formal invitation informs the guests that this is an elevated event. Fun fact: Guests are more likely to RSVP to a mailed invitation. 
Step 2: Pick a theme
Whether you choose blue or pink as a theme — or baseball or ballet — a theme will keep you on track when mapping out your decor, food selection, venue, and many more details. When you have a theme, it keeps your mind on track and helps keep things simple. As you see in the photos, I choose light blue, grey, and light brown. It helped me keep things simple, and everything matched! 

Step 4: Little details make all the difference
Little details are a fun way to show the time and energy you invested in your party. They showcase your creative side and are extremely touching to the mommy-to-be as she will be blown away with the time and energy you invested to make her shower special. Add some custom touches, whether that be little favor bags with the baby’s name on them, or a handmade sign to hang in their nursery. Little details will help your event stand out and leave a lasting impression. 
Step 5: Do a fun game
Oftentimes, people say games are cheesy and not fun. Well, get creative and think outside the box for a fun game people can play, engage with one another, and focus their attention on the mommy to be. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but an activity gives everyone a little time to sit back, all come together as a group and not have to think of small talk for a little while. 
Step 6: Hire a photographer 
I think photos are everything. It is always such a bummer when you have a great time at a party and totally forget to take photos. It doesn’t have to be a professional photographer, but put someone in charge to take photos so those big and little moments get captured. 
Step 7: Don’t let mommy-to-be do anything but enjoy her time
I think it goes without saying that most moms want to help out and contribute to their own shower. It can be a little awkward to let everyone else do all the work and just sit back and relax. As the host, have your guest of honor arrive shortly after other guests have arrived. This will allow for her not to feel pressured to set up, or assist in anyway. As she arrives, everyone will already be there and whisk her away to talk to and love on her. 
Don’t overthink it. No matter what, throwing a baby shower is always out of love. If you are lucky like I was, that child may even become your godson!

Ashley Graham Events is a full service Event Planning Company based in Spokane, WA. Whether you’re celebrating something big or small, Ashley will design a custom party that leaves a lasting impression. She’ll work with you to choose a theme and create the perfect décor to match. Ashley will also introduce you to the best vendors and manage those relationships to ensure your vision is brought to life. As the host, you will have the opportunity to mingle with your guests and enjoy yourself while Ashley ensures every last detail is taken care of, from setup to teardown. 
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